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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


An encouragement for the weary one.

When I saw this photo, I saw God's promises raining down in fulfillment. They will be unstoppable, brighter, and more breathtakingly beautiful than we can imagine. We all have something dear to our hearts that we are waiting for. A fragile desire that sits like an unopened gift at the center of our souls. At times, our faith is high, and other times, we sit in dark shadows of doubt. There is an enemy of our faith. There is a tension between believing and doubting, but we must not let God's promises slip through our fingers.

The TRUTH is that if God has promised something, it will come to pass, regardless of how outrageous and impossible it may seem. I've been thinking of Mary and how extravagant God's promise to her must have felt. It was absolutely unreasonable to believe that she, a virgin, would become pregnant; even more outrageous that she had been chosen to carry the Son of God. Yet, she believed.

I know the discomfort of waiting. I can attest to a heaviness of heart when God's promises seem forgotten by Him. But here is what I've learned—when God has clearly and specifically given you a promise, it will come to pass. However, randomly picking a scripture and declaring it isn't as powerful as waiting for Him to highlight or emphasize the specific one for our situation. God wants a relationship with us. He isn't a slot machine. He WANTS you to quiet your soul so that He can whisper a promise for you to hold on to. He WANTS you to know what's on His heart for you and your situation. Any doubt you have regarding that is a lie from the enemy. There is so much life on scripture that He highlights to us. It's an AHA moment, an intake of breath, and an awakening of faith because the word that He gives is accompanied by a fresh release of faith. We feel the LIFE of that promise because it is a seed implanted inside us.

Whether you have been standing on scripture or something that He said to you personally, hold on to it. DO NOT LET IT GO! There will be a fulfillment of the promise. Isaiah 55:11 tells us that the word that comes from His mouth won't return to Him void. It will accomplish what He pleases. Numbers 23:19 tells us that He isn't a man that He should lie. He has said it, and He will do it! Luke 1:45 says that we are blessed when we believe because there will be a fulfillment of what He has promised.

Friends, I don't know the when or how. All I know is what the Father has said, and that's enough for this sometimes weary heart. His truth is enough to spark fresh hope, new life, and joy that is louder than the enemy's lies.

The photo above reminds us that it is only in darkness that we notice the light— dazzling and unavoidable. Like the stars shooting through the night sky, God's promises will rain down on in bright, extravagant splendor in His timing. All He asks of us is that we keep believing, especially in the dark night of the soul.

For the one reading this that has forgotten what it's like to hope, for the exhausted one who doesn't think they can believe again, this word was for you. Your Father is asking you to come to Him so that He can heal your heart. He will awaken your faith with a TANGIBLE reminder of His tender and powerful love.

Hold on to that promise. Don't let it go.

Standing with you, Gretchen.


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