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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."



Perhaps this will be my least read post in my blog. In truth, it really doesn't matter. 

Tonight I am writing. Just writing. 

I was first profoundly impacted with the raw power of what a book can do, when I read The Secret Place, by Dale Fife. Each word seemed to play a chord within my heart; picking at strings and creating melodies that I didn't know existed - drawing me beyond simple words on paper. I normally devour books, but this time I savored each bite, allowing myself to appreciate His presence in each page.

It was then, after reading this book a few times, that I realized I too wanted to write something that could only be described as God's love on paper; wooing its readers to delve into His heart through the letters on a page. My desire has been and still is to see a creative stream of writing that can unlock even the most guarded heart.

That was over twelve years ago. Since that time, I have written for a couple of ministries, authored two small books and began this blog. However, it has only been over the past few months that I realized that writing was becoming a passion of mine and something I have decided to pursue without regard to the reasoning that has previously held me back. One never knows the power within, until they release it. It is time for me to find out what God wants to say through me. Through the tapping of my keyboard, I have found my voice.

I may spend the rest of my life searching for the words that will change a life, but I will find them. God will give them to me. My dream is to write something that is teeming with the very essence of God, something that will be remembered not for how beautifully it is written, but for the literal presence of God that rests upon it.

This will be what I write.

Perhaps you will be one who reads it.


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