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From the pages of my books and random Aha! moments with God, I have created a collection of quotes to encourage you.

You are welcome to share them, as long as you do not alter them in any way.

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I pray these will be a blessing to you,


I am the God of impossibility. Invite me to illuminate every lie with my unshakable truth. Choose to be impressed with my omnipotence, more than your problem. Bring me your analyzing and over-thinking as an offering of total abandon and trust. Fix your eyes on me, and you will feel me washing away the debris of doubt and frustration. Sing your highest praise and choose to believe, despite what you see.

Gretchen Rodriguez, I Hear His Whisper


We are only truly free when nothing in this world holds us more tightly than Jesus.

Gretchen Rodriguez, Firstfruits
Photo by @hobopeeba

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A prayer to help you refocus.

Lord, unravel the unhealthy beliefs that have intricately woven themselves into my identity. Teach me who I am in you so perfect love births tenacious trust. Forgive me for focusing on negative feelings instead of bringing them immediately to you. Expose the lies I’ve believed—the subtle tricks of the enemy that have disconnected me from your gift of freedom. Enable me to discern what fuels every emotion so I won’t be drawn into deception. Help me to be honest about what I feel so every thought directs me to the One whose glory sets me free.

Gretchen Rodriguez, The Encounter (NEW! Check it out on Amazon.)

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Trust that regardless of what the day holds, I am walking through it with you. Do you feel the movement of my heart, drawing you closer? Take a deep breath, grasp my hand, and trust me for today. That’s all I ask—for you to take one day at a time and find the beauty of my presence within it.

Gretchen Rodriguez, I Hear His Whisper

Photo by @andathousandwords on IG

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