Image by Yann Le Comte


From the pages of my books and random Aha! moments with God, I have created a collection of quotes to encourage you.

You are welcome to share them, as long as you do not alter them in any way.

Check back often, as I will be adding more.

I pray these will be a blessing to you,

We are only truly free when nothing in this world holds us more tightly than Jesus.

Gretchen Rodriguez, Firstfruits
Photo by @hobopeeba

Trust that regardless of what the day holds, I am walking through it with you. Do you feel the movement of my heart, drawing you closer? Take a deep breath, grasp my hand, and trust me for today. That’s all I ask—for you to take one day at a time and find the beauty of my presence within it.

Gretchen Rodriguez, I Hear His Whisper

Photo by @andathousandwords on IG