"God isn't clothed in mystery to keep you out, but to draw you in. To experience the wonder of discovery for yourself."


Unexpectedly, I saw Jesus standing in a filthy alley, dressed in white and wearing a crown. He was surrounded with bags of putrid garbage, as if people had piled them around Him on purpose.
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The Most Powerful Prayers​

Soundless prayers are often our most powerful ones. Voiceless utterances where we connect spirit to Spirit with the Lord become some of our deepest encounters.

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An Oft-Ignored Ingredient to Powerful Faith

What do you do when circumstances are screaming in your face and demanding your attention? 
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Your Pain Can Become Your Beauty

We've all seen them—people who look like they've had a hard life. Pain and disappointment weigh heavily upon them like hated friends that never leave.

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...I was praying about a very difficult situation, when suddenly Jesus stepped in front of me, blocking my view of the problem.
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Enjoying Jesus' Presence in the Midst of Discouragement

We all have those days. Days when the world feels more than tilted, it feels like someone hurled it into a wall! 
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Finding Your Heavenly Father in the Presence of Pain

Some days you're simply existing. Unconsciously placing one foot in front of the other, not knowing how to connect your frazzled mind and weary heart. 
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Areas of trauma, disappointment, disillusionment, and fear that continually rear their heads, are the areas we are about to experience tremendous breakthrough.
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Wisdom and grace are reaching; beckoning us to refuse the right to be angry, bitter, and vindictive. To grasp with shaking hands ways that are higher than our own...

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We define ourselves not by the collective pain, but by the power of our God, whose love and faithfulness always make us better, stronger, and confident. (Click to read more.)