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Ink Pen



Step through the door.

To the beautiful Bride of Christ, whether weary-hearted or consumed with longing for your Beloved, this vision is for you. I pray your heart will be open to the Lord as the Holy Spirit leads you into a new awareness of His love.


Finding God - right now.

Sure you felt Him when things were great. We all do. That's the easy part. But what about today? What about this moment when pain and disappointment sit like a heavy weight upon your soul?


This is your
stabilizing force.

...Instantly, and with such tender affection, I heard, "Tell them I love them." His words came with an impartation of hope, and I saw weary ones who had been sitting in darkness, slowly lifting their faces to the sun as if they hadn't felt its warmth in ages.


Let the encounter begin!

We were created for uninterrupted communion with the Lord, but what do we do if we're struggling to hear or have lost perspective? 


This is your season of breakthrough.

The enemy has been sucking people into fear, worry, desperation, etc., doing everything he can to derail. Mentally, you may feel like you're getting slammed in some of the same areas you've already experienced victory. 

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