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"My heart has been uncaged.

It's soaring over empty pages; leaving traces for all to read."


Encounter God through forty days of fasting and prayer.

Fasting advances our spiritual life, and Scripture encourages its practice. These times of physical denial help us grow spiritually and give us the opportunity to feel the loving embrace of Jesus.
The Encounter is a practical, powerful guide to fasting and deepening your intimacy with God. As you walk through this forty-day devotional, you will


  • experience the love of God daily,

  • learn to tune out distractions in order to focus on his voice,

  • encounter a profound sense of his presence,

  • cultivate a tangible relationship with him, and

  • receive fresh insight from heaven.

Set your heart on a journey of sacred discovery as you fast and seek God.


We love and serve a God who delights in hearing our voices. He hears our songs and sighs, and he answers those who seek him with whispers of love and truth.

I Hear His Whisper contains messages of God's love for his people as spoken to the hearts of Dr. Brian Simmons, the lead translator of The Passion Translation®, and author Gretchen Rodriguez. Each day, a devotion and Scripture will encourage you to listen to God as he speaks words of comfort, joy, and unconditional love into your heart.

Lean into God's presence and enjoy his peace, today and every day.


The prophet Isaiah spoke words that reflected God's desire for humanity: victory, hope, comfort, and restoration. His message remains a call to those who long to live in God's realm of glory each day.

The Vision offers 365 daily devotions and prayers to usher you into his presence. With Scripture from The Passion Translation®, this devotional will bring you face to face with the King of love and mercy every day of the year.

Encounter the fiery, living breath of the Word and experience a revelation to awaken your heart.


Liz Wright & Gretchen Rodriguez

The most important moment in life is when we experience the love of God.
This is what changes everything.

As you journey through this 90-day devotional, you will experience God’s love flowing into your heart like healing oil. Each day, as you lean into His Presence, you’ll feel your heart stirring and coming alive with fresh passion. You’ll begin to see, hear, and notice the wonders of heaven unfolding before you. As you resign yourself to His perfect love,
fear’s voice will grow dim, and hope will rise within you again. Jesus wants to saturate you with His love and remind you of His goodness and faithfulness. He wants you to be so confident in the way He cares for you that nothing can shake you. He wants you to know that you’re safe with Him. You're known by Him. You're loved—perfectly,
entirely, and eternally. This is your moment.


Firstfruits presents 365 daily devotions and prayers to bring you to your knees in worship. With Scripture from The Passion Translation, this devotional will inspire you to become a steward of his love and to showcase God's redemptive heart toward the world.

Ever Present Love

The Gospels in the New Testament provide us with more than history - they help us encounter Jesus. This passionate daily devotional will bring you to the feet of your Savior in wonder and worship.

Inspired by The Passion Translation Bible each of the 365 devotions provides a daily Scripture from the Gospels, an encouraging reading, and a meaningful prayer that reveals the character of Jesus and His ever-present love - restoring the broken, befriending the sinner, teaching His followers, healing the sick, and unveiling His fiery heart.


The Divine Romance

Encounter God’s Delight in You!

The Holy Spirit wants to wash you in the refreshing grace that streams every day from God’s presence. Listen to God’s life-giving words—words that heal and draw you into greater intimacy with Jesus. Be moved by his voice, stirred by his Spirit, and thrilled by these messages of love. Open your soul to the whispers of God so that you hear him whisper his message of love to you!

The Divine Romance includes 365 days of revelatory devotions and passionate prayers inspired by the Song of Songs from The Passion Translation of the Bible.


Prayers On Fire

For almost three thousand years, people have prayed and sung the Psalms. Like those who have gone before us, when we are filled with joy, we will discover fuel in these ancient songs for even higher praises. And when we are going through the valley of deepest darkness, we will find in the Psalms light shining upon us, driving the shadows of doubt away.

Prayers on Fire includes 365 prayers inspired by the book of Psalms from the heart-felt Passion Translation. Each day contains an excerpt from the Psalms and then a prayer from the heart, providing an expression of faith and worship for sincere worshipers. Open your heart as you open the pages of this book. Here you will find God as your shelter of strength.


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