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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Don't Look Back

Everyone's journey with the Lord looks different. For me, the view has consistently changed. From sandy beaches to deserts, and then landing in what I call the land of Bethel (AKA Redding, CA), where I thought we would remain. Eight and a half years later, God asked us to move again.

I'll spare you the details of my struggle to accept the invitation. But with all three of our daughters and our only granddaughter living in Redding, I needed very clear discernment of what God was saying. I was hoping for insight into what He had in store for us but instead, God repeatedly, and in various ways, only said three words, "Don't look back." It would take too long to share each encounter with Him through these words but let me tell you, the fear of God fell on me during the last one.

No more questions. No more reasoning. God spoke. We're moving.

If we pay attention, we will find threads of God's faithfulness, comfort, and correction woven throughout our lives . This is the gold we will eventually share to encourage others. The more we've sacrificed on the altar of our tender hearts, and the deeper our surrender, the more we discover God's ever-present love. Our tears of worship waters the seeds of declarations that once spilled from our lips.

In this posture of trust, our words are tested, and our hearts are purified. Is there a limit to our surrender? Where do we draw the line? These questions must be answered honestly in the presence of God. Wherever we hesitate, this is where we don't trust Him. Whatever we hold back has the danger of becoming an idol, if it isn't already. God wants to fill every area of our lives. For me, I had to surrender my line that was drawn at ever moving again.

Singer, songwriter Rita Springer released a song called Home, and it is amazing! With her beautifully anointed voice, she declares, "You take all of my pieces and parts, you built the door to my heart, you are a home for me. And I'll give all of my questions and reasons, all of my hope to believe that you are a home to me. Everywhere I go, that's where I find you. Everywhere I go, that's where you are."

Her words reflect the depths of what I've learned. It has taken me many years to realize that His presence is my home. This is where I, and you, are safe. I've lived in so many different places. Some I've loved, and others I haven't. But He has always been with me. And that truth has carved itself deeply into my heart and transformed my life.

The snowfall in Redding last night was rare and stunning. Most importantly, it was an answer to prayer. I asked the Lord for one last snowy day before we move. To me, snow is like a fairytale. It is filled with joy, innocence, and reminders of my childhood. The snow was a gift from my heavenly Father. I spent my morning in a secluded space covered with snow and worshiped. Regardless of where I live, His presence is home. I'm not looking back.

And I pray that you will discover this same timeless truth and can declare with Rita, "Everywhere I go, that's where I'll find you. You are a home for me."

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