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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Anything is Possible!

At the close of the year, whether it was a tough year or an amazing one, most people begin to hope. We look at the approaching year as a clean slate, a motivation to believe in ourselves and allow ourselves to dream again. So many make quiet promises that in all of the ways they let the year go by with unfulfilled goals, the new year will be a year of focus and commitment. Stirring themselves up, they decide to believe that anything is possible and lists of hopes and dreams are rewritten. I too have felt a great excitement about next year since November! However, this morning the Lord prompted me saying, "I am the eternal now." And, "I am enough."

Because Jesus is The eternal now, and He is enough, each morning is our clean slate and the start of each day is our chance to refocus and stir ourselves up. He is the eternal now, ready to create hope in those who feel hopeless and revealing the passion inside of us that is able to move us to greater things. He is enough; all we need to not only understand what our deepest desires in life are, but what the steps are to see them accomplished.

When we live our lives understanding that He is our greatest delight, our most glorious ambition, and then attentively lean in with our heart, mind, and time, we will find ourselves discovering the ultimate fulfillment. He truly is - enough. I've discovered this time and time again in seasons of trials and seasons of joy, I'm always brought back to the truth that the passion that burns within me finds satisfaction in His love alone. It is then out of the place of this saturated awareness of His nearness and His love, that my heart then hears His wisdom and direction on how to achieve the goals stirring in my mind.

He is enough when things are going badly, to be our peace, our hope, our anchor in the wind, and our joyful expectation. And when our cup is overflowing and peace is ours, the arms of the One who has wrapped us there, lovingly hold us steady as we fix our gaze on Him.

So, as many are refocusing and setting new goals, remember that it is in Him all satisfaction is found and out of your nearness to Him all dreams can be realized through the wisdom He longs to share. He is eternally walking in your now, just waiting for you to join Him as you realize that in this life and forever - He is enough!


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