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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Because You're Worth It

I woke up in the middle of the night with the phrase, "But the Blood is free," resounding in my mind and reverberating throughout my spirit. As I pondered its meaning, I saw an image of an exquisite Fabergé egg and an art gallery filled with priceless pieces of art. People pay hundreds of millions of dollars to own fine artwork. Once purchased they can enjoy it's beauty whenever they want and take pride in the fact that they own something of such great value. All night as I drifted in and out of sleep I continued to hear, "But the Blood is free."  Although I knew God was talking about the Blood of Jesus, I didn't understand — the Blood certainly wasn't free — it cost the Lord everything. 

We Are the Most Beautiful Piece of Art 

When I woke up I had a vision of God looking from Heaven to the earth below. In the next scene, He was walking around admiring the earth's beauty. I saw breathtaking scenery — gorgeous beaches, colorful sunsets, and majestic mountains. But He continued walking, as if He was looking for something special. 

Then He saw us and paused.

More than anything else He cast His eyes upon, He decided that we were the most exquisite piece of art. God the Father became the highest bidder — no would ever be able to outbid Him. The price was the Blood of Jesus, and by paying it, God declared that we were worth more than anything else in the entire world. God Himself enjoys us and understands our value. He now proudly displays our beauty for the world to enjoy. The only way that beauty can be hidden is if we cower in a corner afraid to reveal it, or if we allow others to throw a cloth over us.

"But the Blood is free."

Again I wondered about this phrase and inquired of the Lord. Instantly, I was drawn to Jesus's beauty. I couldn't help but marvel that the most beautiful One considers us beautiful. I was stunned that He paid a price to be able to enjoy us while also giving us access to a far more beautiful gift — Himself. It costs us nothing to gaze upon His beauty whenever we'd like. It costs us nothing but the yes in our hearts, because the price was already paid. His blood, worth more than everything of value put together, is the entryway to every good and perfect thing. Yet for us, it is free. It is our gift.

When God saw your beauty, He decided that not only would He pay the price to enjoy you and declare your worth, He would pay the price for you to enjoy Him. We don't have to pay millions of dollars to gaze at the most beautiful One. For us the finest "work of art" is free. From now, throughout all of eternity, you have a free gift. He will enjoy us and we will enjoy Him. We may pay millions to own the right to stare at a piece of art — but the Blood is the only entryway to true beauty. It cost Jesus everything, but for you, the Blood is free. Have you ever thought of yourself as being this valuable? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Wow!! What an incredible picture. Love Him..

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