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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Breathing You In

Breathing You in, effortlessly.

My eyes adjust to the unrelenting glory of Your nearness and my mind settles into peaceful torrents of  stillness.

Our hearts,Yours and mine, tangled knots of tangible affection.

I can taste the sweetness of Love swirling all around me, flooding into me and surging through me. 


Heaven and Earth converge as I engage with what is vastly felt yet dimly seen. 

His fragrance gently reveals itself until it penetrates deep into my being, demanding memories of love revealed.

Distractions no longer persist, but vanish away.

Unrelenting glory consumes me until there is nothing left but blood-washed fragments of who I used to be, revealing the true beauty of who I have become in Him.

Unveiled glimpses of His face and the warmth of His embrace become my obsession. 


Learning to live here - in this place that transcends the mirage of reality, announcing what is true.

This is life in Him; the beauty and awe of a place I now call home.


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