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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


"Courage, dear heart." A prophetic encouragement.

Today's post is a short prophetic encouragement. 

"Courage, dear heart." That phrase from C.S. Lewis resounded loudly in my spirit two days ago and this morning I still hear it. A shift has taken place in the spirit. For some, dreams that long seemed dead are coming alive again. For others, something new is being awakened by the breath of God.

There is one main thing you need: courage to believe again. 

The Lord showed me an aerial view of a beautiful river, flowing and clean. There were many paths in the adjacent woods, which led to it. Some paths were worn and easy to see. Other paths were still covered with twigs—seldom used. Then I heard the Lord say, "Courage dear heart, I'm leading you down a different path. Don't expect to see the same things on this path as you've seen before. Release all of the disappointments of the past to Me, and shake off everything that has held you back. Stay close to Me and you will begin to see from My perspective." 

I could sense the Lord's excitement as He lead us to the river of His promise. As I emerged from the woods, I expected to find myself at a familiar spot on the river. Instead, I was somewhere unfamiliar—somewhere more beautiful than I'd seen before. This was still a river of promise, but to my surprise those promises looked different. They were better!

God is taking dreams and breathing life into them again with a fresh perspective. Many will begin to flow with creative ideas and the wisdom necessary to do what they couldn't do before. Others are sensing a shift—while the call is similar, the implementation is different. What you weren't able to do before, you will do now, by His Spirit, with His strength, wisdom, and creativity. 

You have allowed the disappointments of past years to become the foundation for what you believe now. It is time to stop looking back and forge ahead with courage, excitement, and faith. Take courage and believe! Question: Have you found yourself looking to the past as a foundation for what you dare to believe now? What are you sensing in your spirit? If this word has spoken to you, please leave a comment below and sign up for updates when I post something new.


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