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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Day #2 Joy - Let's Have Another Round!

I've been thinking quite a bit on these seasons of change we all go through and specifically how the Lord encounters us in them. In Day #1 I encouraged you to think about the ways He touches you and to find out for yourself what is the most prominent way for you at the moment.

As I was doing that today, I remembered one of my favorite seasons. Back in the 90's when revival hit Toronto and parts of FL., I was blessed to live in FL and got hit hard by the joy of the Lord. I spent a lot of time during those days in meetings and on the floor, laughing uncontrollably for hours at a time. I would wake up the next day and start laughing again. Wow! That was so awesome! I know some are still in that season...laughing and drunk all of the time, but I'm not. I fully believe it is not a stopping place, but something to catapult us to even deeper things in the Kingdom. Although I think it is accessible ALWAYS!

I'm very happy in this season of my life, but I haven't been experiencing that drunken, blissful JOY like I did for those years back in the 90's. Sure, it comes in waves, but nothing like it used to. Being happy is one thing, but JOY...hahah! Yes, that's a different thing and I could go for another season of it. How about you? How about taking some of the deeper encounters we have had, coupled with the wisdom that has come out of hard times, and have another round of joy?

Most things worth having in the Kingdom are accessed by faith. His joy is accessed the same way. On one hand we can't force a season upon ourselves that the Lord isn't ordaining. On the other hand, we can! Just take a look at John chapter 2 and how even though Jesus said it wasn't His time, His Mom was able to change the time table. There is something to be said for tenacity! And I for one have decided to plunge head first again into the reality of His joy in me and for me. I have noticed that the things we study, listen to, honor, etc., become more and more real in our lives.

So, how about it? Anybody else ready to have another round?


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