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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Enough is Enough!

This morning I felt a rumble in my spirit—like thunderous clouds announcing the coming lightning. The image of God rising from His throne and planting His feet forcefully on the ground ran through my mind. The Father was about to address the chaos. In my spirit I heard these words, "Enough is enough! Declare the victory! Stand firmly with your feet planted in My truth. In faith and boldness, declare My promises over your situation. But once you have done that, REJOICE! Stop looking at what you see with your natural eyes and see with the eyes of faith. Truly believe that every plan of the enemy is not only going to be crushed, but that I will flip things around and bring the opposite result. 

Laugh! Allow joy to spring up within you. I truly am a good God! Let faith fill your vision and overtake every fear, discouragement, and anxious thought. Fill your spirit and your mind with what you know to be true according to My Word. Shake off the heaviness of this last season. My victory is at hand. As you wait to see the manifestation of the answer, continue to rejoice, because as soon as you agree with Me andcompletely trust and believe, everything will change."

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1 Comment

Amen! I love the laugh part - the Lord laughs at the enemy Ps 2:4

Time for beauty for ashes..

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