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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Guest Blogger - Rachel Koszka

I'm so excited to have my amazing friend Rachel blogging for us today! She is one the most passionate people I know; beautiful inside and out, an incredibly anointed dancer, and an equally gifted writer. See for yourself! You can find Rachel's webpage at:

Sealed in Jesus, by Rachel Koszka

    Wonder at what the cross really accomplished has consumed me. I've discovered that everything changed in Christ's perfect act of love two thousand year ago. Everything.

    Since the dawn of time, Jesus has longed for reunion. Creation echoes the mystical reality that my spirit is seated in heavenly places with Christ, our union of love beyond the borders of time and space. I have always been known by Him. God tells Jeremiah that before he was formed in the womb he was known.

     When Adam and Eve believed they were different from God, not already created in His image and likeness, shame and separation became their new reality. Our glory was contained in skin, so Jesus presented Himself to the earth, the fullness of God's glory dwelling in man. From the tree, Jesus reached towards us and erased the reach of Eve. He drew us home.

    Like a man who asks the woman he adores to spend the rest of her days with him, Jesus has already invited us into eternal opportunity. Except, the rest of our days will last forever; death cannot conclude our union with Christ. Love became a guarantee when Jesus reached from the cross for my hand in marriage.

    Saying yes to Jesus and slipping His signet ring on my finger, allows love to be perfected. Our relationship is proof that His choice to reconcile was worth everything, even death. My responsibility has never been to woo or impress Jesus; simply saying yes and receiving the finished work of the cross is enough.

I'm overwhelmed, when I think of how any risk I could ever face in the realm of love has already been risked on my behalf, and won. It's the beauty of His love-risk towards us. All fear disappears when I realize that Jesus risked everything first. He took away the "gamble" on the cross; now love is sealed.

    Eternally press Me on your spirit, like a wax seal left from the imprint of a signet ring. Print Me on your arm forever; tattooed commitment. Our love is stronger than separation, desire dramatic as death. Our love is The End itself - final breath and warmth of life. Our love is like a lightning bolt; it sparks a supernatural fire when displayed. The very flame of God, is contained in our union. Paraphrased from Song of Solomon 8:6

    Any healthy marriage thrives on grace. Our entire experience of God has only ever been fully infused with the reality of His grace towards us. Relationship should never be founded on conditions and rewards; genuine relationship flows from the gift of grace. A good husband will always go above and beyond for the desires of his wife, because her perfect joy is his favourite thing. 

    Have we convinced ourselves it could be any different with Jesus? He believes in my innocence, He was the one to win it back! Why else would He sing, "It is finished." Simply believing what Jesus already believes about me, allows me to see that righteousness has been perfected.

    God confirms love by placing us in Christ, anointing us just like Jesus was anointed. If this isn't enough to convince you, He even sealed the deal by giving a written promise, like a letter carefully sealed. His spirit in our hearts is a pledge, a testimony that He will always follow through on His promise. Jesus will come back and marry you, because He is who He professes to be: the most faithful Man alive. Paraphrased from 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 

    In some ways, the church is like a wife attempting to convince her husband that he isn't already madly in love with her. The bride must wake up to the reality of her status: we are one with Christ. He has redeemed innocence and reconciled us to the eden that is eternity found in Him. Our dwelling place is with God; His dwelling place is in us. Welcome home. 


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