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How Dark Are The Dark Times? That Little Blue/Black Dress Got Me Thinking!

You know that little blue and black (white and gold for some) dress that's causing a stir all over the internet? (If you don't know about it, NO biggy!) 

Well, it really got me thinking. (And not only about how I need a new dress!) Some people look at the photo and see blue and black and some see white and gold, even if they are looking at the same exact photo on the same exact device. It has to do with how the cones in our eyes interpret dim lighting. Anyway, I started thinking about how we see "dark" times in our life as opposed to how God sees them. No - I do not believe God brings sickness or financial ruin. However, I do believe that most of the time we are so caught up in the darkness of very rough seasons, that we are unable to see a very bright light shining in the midst of it. That little dress all over the internet is freaking everyone out! 

How can two people look at the same photo and see two different things? 

Dark times are just like that. Many times we realize after we have come out of a dark season, just how present God really was in the midst of it. Afterwards, we can look back and realize that it made us stronger, changed our viewpoints, brought us closer to God, etc.  God actually shines brightest in our deep darkness - we can either focus on what He is doing in the midst of it, or we can focus on the darkness. Two people going through the same exact situation, can see it in two different ways which results in new found strength or a devastating crushing under the same burden. Darkness empties us of understanding. Darkness drains us, and we are left completely and utterly confused when trying to figure it out with our natural understanding. This is where we aren't seeing things correctly! That darkness is actually filled with God's brilliant light. 

When we are left with nothing but an utter dependance upon God - that is the place of pure light; of pure surrender. And it is in that place that He shines brightest! Hard times are hard and honestly, none of us like them. That's a fact. But I can see why Paul said he learned to be content whether abased or abounding. He was able to see that even in our darkest times, God will shine His light and turn faithless times into what can become our greatest victories. And trust me - that and black!  That darkness...filled with great light!


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