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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."



As I sit to write, I realize that words, no matter how eloquently expressed, will forever be insufficient in expressing what I feel in my heart. It is the perpetual and earnest desire of God's passionate lovers, to somehow capture the love and beauty of the Lord that we feel and express it in a way that others can understand and embrace. Yet even the most gifted musicians, song writers, artists, dancers, and poets, will always fall short in expressing His fathomless beauty and limitless wonder.

How can we describe One so profound that He Himself decided to create the heavens and the earth as a taste of who He is? How can we explain a love so mystifying, it turned a sacrifice of death into a victory of life vast enough to save the entire world? How do we take a spiritual substance and attempt to encapsulate it in some perceivable way that makes it recognizable to the human mind? How does one dive into a realm of spirit with the efforts of a natural mind? The answer is, we don't. And yet we try.

We will forever try to find ways of describing what consumes us so profoundly. His love has set us on fire and our hearts burn deep within our spirits. Our thoughts are continually upon Him and our senses awaken to a reality beyond the natural realm.


One of my greatest desires is to engage His love so deeply and consistently, that the passion I feel becomes contagious. When I dance, I want the reality of what is tangible to me, drawing others into their own encounter with Him. When I write, I desire for my readers to go beyond the words into the very substance of His love. As I go about my day in monotonous errands or joyful adventures, I want others to be drawn to the greatness of the One inside of me.

May we all burn with the pure, holy light of His countenance radiating so strongly from within, that we shine everywhere we go. May our lives radiate and illustrate His love so evidently, that others are drawn to Him, regardless of how inadequately we try to explain it. 

"Your faces will glisten with glory." ~ Psalm 34:5  The Passion Translation


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