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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


It is time for YOUR victory!

I saw a fiery blue flame resting on our hearts. It was burning with faith and power, stirring our resolve. Beneath it, flowed a stream of peace melting into the deepest caverns of fear and unbelief.

Then I heard the Lord say, "Declare your victory! Stand in confidence and shake off the dirty rags of doubt. You are more than a conqueror! I created you for victory! You have the power to change things! Drench your soul, not with thoughts of what has gone wrong or what could go wrong, but with anticipation of good. See with the eyes of faith I've given you! Put My Words on your lips and believe in their power! Agree with My Word and put an end to doubt. "My passion for you is both a fire and a river. Able to burn away what contradicts Kingdom truth, while bringing peace that surpasses understanding. Soak your heart in the rivers of My love and invite My fire to go deeper than it has before. Let it consume your heart until My passion annihilates wrong mindsets. It is time for you to rise up as a victorious Bride. Rejoice in the victory I have already granted you, but also rest in confidence that contradicts every way you have thought before. Let faith rise above your mind. This is your time of victory. Do not relent. If you will keep your heart full, your mind will submit to the leadership of the Spirit."


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