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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Silence the Noise Within

Constant thoughts are the noise within that dulls us to His voice, His touch, His breath.

Being dedicated to spend time with the Lord, silencing what clamors for attention like a crying child, isn't always easy. Life demands we pay close attention to the things that matter from day to day, but over time dull us to what gently whispers from behind the veil. 

At times becoming still enough to hear those whispers, is difficult. We forget that the veil no longer separates us, but entices us to draw close and see what awaits just beyond it.

Distractions don't have to be forced from our mind. To look past them we simply turn our attention to Him and remain there until everything else fades. In the stillness of His presence, distractions lose their grip and we find their importance landing in proper order. All we have to do to hear, see, and feel Him again, is turn our attention towards Him.

Many unwind with movies or TV because it silences the thoughts and lists streaming constantly through our consciousness. But we must do more than only give our minds a break. We must refocus on the eternal, get lost in the limitless awe, and breathe His love. It's in the simple turning towards Him, that we find peace that remains even in the midst of life demands. 

He is the place of peace, of creativity, of wisdom, and of grace.

He is the One that silences the noise within.


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