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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


Where Dreams Begin - Again

Words are such powerful bits of life, aren't they? Recently, since venturing into the area of fiction writing, I've fallen in love with the beauty and power of words for the first time in my life. Though I've written non-fiction before, I've never really understood how beautifully captivating the artistry of words can be.

Words are mystical- allowing us to get lost within their depths. 

Words can be loud, echoing within us long after they've been spoken.

Words can be as soft as a whisper, enticing us to lean in and hear.

Words can heal.

Words have roots which grow hidden beneath the surface, until they blossom with life or death.

This summer I decided to pursue my secret dream of fiction writing. I've always loved reading and often would put a book down and say, "Ugh! If only I could write like that!" 

How often do we dream of doing something but don't, simply because we aren't sure if we can? Sometimes finances, or other things can hinder us from pursuing our dreams, but if your dream has the breath of God upon it, it will succeed. Take the first step! Don't sit back and wonder if it could have been a success. 

Let's take what is within us - potential gifts to the world and trust God to disperse them where He wants them. That is my goal - to give readers a gift. There is life that flows through our words especially when they are God inspired.

I'm more than halfway done with my book. When it's published, there's no telling what God will do through it. What is your dream? What do you have that God is waiting to breathe upon? Leave me a comment below - I'd love to hear the dreams of your heart.

Look doubt in the eye and run after your dreams!


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