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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


You Were Made for the Impossible!

There it is—that wall that has been standing in front of you, for longer than you care to remember. It taunts you. Tries to intimidate you. Reminds you of what hasn't happened. It arrogantly proclaims that its power to hold you back is greater than God's ability to thrust you beyond it.

What that wall doesn't realize is that it was erected on a foundation of lies. It doesn't stand as a true representation of your situation. It is an illusion—one that you were created to rise above.

Scarlet Lily Photography
Scarlet Lily Photography

If you look closely at this barrier to your breakthrough, you'll see that it has protrusions—small steps for you to climb. God took what the enemy built to oppose you, and made a way for you to use it to your advantage. Scaling this wall will strengthen you. As you clamber your way to the top, it will scream, emphasizing the impossibility of your conditions.

But you were made for the impossible!

Every fiber of your being will want to quit; to succumb to the deception that breakthrough will never come. As you climb the wall of opposition, kicking your feet into the heart of its deceit, you are growing stronger. Each time you grasp the truth and pull yourself up higher, you're building the muscles of your faith. That wall of opposition, doesn't stand a chance!

Sometimes, we get stuck in our head—we agree with fear and doubt, allowing them to grow into walls of anxiety, wrong mindsets, and unholy beliefs. Instead of rehearsing the ways those walls are stopping us, we must get close to the lie and see it for what it truly is—an illusion that can be scaled with feet of faith. It cannot be climbed with slippery footsteps of unbelief.

Constantly meditating on the problem is like burying our heads in the sand. We become a prisoner of our own making—unable to see the solution because we refuse to stand up tall and believe we have the wisdom, favor, and ability to be victorious. We must confront these walls with the weapons of God's truth and arm ourselves with a confident trust that He has the answer.

Each time we choose to believe; every moment we look to Him and silently wait for His illumination, we are mounting our way to the top. Soon, the wall that once stood in contradiction to God and us, will serve as a trophy of our victory. It will bow low before the Lordship of Jesus and become a platform for us to view other trials from.

We are more than conquerors! (see Romans 8:37)


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