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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


A Glimpse Into 2020

"Holy intimacy." Those were the words I heard over and over when I asked the Lord what was on the horizon for 2020. Here is what I sense has already begun and will continue throughout this year and beyond:

There was a somewhat familiar feeling that reminded me of the Pensacola Outpouring of the 90s; sovereign, holy, reverent. This will be an authentic, divine awakening of the heart. This revival of holy intimacy may begin in churches, but it will only serve a greater purpose as it will quickly spill into small groups, home meetings and personal prayer times. This will be a true awakening of the heart with the focus on Jesus and not man. It will not be centered on a location or a leader. Jesus will have our full attention.

As I patiently pondered this word, I repeatedly caught prophetic glimpses of Jesus walking into meetings and private worship/prayer times; His robe filled the temple of buildings and hearts. We know that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is in the midst (see Matthew 18:20), but during this time it will be evident by the shift in the atmosphere. His presence will be undeniable.

Even as I write this, the cry of "Holy, holy, holy!" fills my being. All attention will be on Him. The room, yes, especially our hearts, will be filled with awe and wonder. The holiness that will fill the atmosphere will reverberate in our bones, leaving us no choice but to bow low in love and complete surrender.

This is a very personal awakening, one that cannot be incited by the charisma of any one person. This awakening will stir a longing for purity that stands in a silent yet bright opposition to the perversion running rampant in the world.

(Note. This word was originally published on The Elijah List Facebook page in February, 2020. I obviously had no idea how real this word would become shortly after. Right now, unlike any other time in our generation, hearts are open and focused on the Lord. Because of the pandemic, Jesus really does have full attention!)


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