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Celebrating the Power of Love

Easter Sunday is a day for us to turn our hearts and remember the single greatest act of love the world has ever known. Yet the beauty of Resurrection Sunday, extends far beyond one day. The revelation of this perfect, extravagant love, must become so real that we are aware of it every day of the year. 

Jesus’s unrelenting love has no conditions. It desired us and saw our beauty, even in our most miserable mess. It has the strength to silence every lie and the tenderness to draw us near. It’s passionate—willing to pay the greatest price to prove its devotion. This is the mystery of perfect love that burns within our souls. It causes us to bow in gratefulness, worship with abandon and shout our praise. The substance of His love can permeate every aspect of our lives and radically transform us.

The One who taught the stars to dance and lifted mountains to majestic heights, not only thought you were worth dying for, He believes that yours is a life worth living. He is continually reaching out and extending grace that empowers you to live in freedom, peace and joy. The strength of His resurrection glory is experienced each time He silences your fears and brings your faith to life. It is tasted in each victory and seen in every surrendered heart.

Love is the greatest power on earth. It is stronger than death and will last throughout eternity. It was love that held Jesus to the Cross, because His overwhelming desire for you left Him no other choice. You are the object of His affection and you fulfill the desire of His heart. When He looks at you, He sees you through the victory of the Cross—pure, holy, and perfect. You are not defined by your mistakes, failures or sins. You are beautiful—worth the price He paid—and He wants you to see yourself through His vantage point. His greatest desire is that you would know how much He loves you and live your life completely consumed by this reality.

His love is the anchor that steadies you in the greatest storms. It is the victory that overcame darkness and enables you to stand courageous in the face of opposition. It is unstoppable and courses through your veins. It fills you with hope and sets the course of your life. Jesus has paid the ultimate price, so that you can have a magnificent life—one that isn’t based on external influences, but flows from the reality of this unfathomable love.

Jesus has destined us for greatness. Now it’s time to live a life that reflects His radical love. It’s time to believe in miracles. Time to hope, despite past disappointments. Time to reflect unconditional love to the world around us. Time to be so filled with peace and joy that surpasses natural understanding, it attracts even the most hardened hearts. Time to carry ourselves with confidence that is seasoned with humility and kindness, because we understand the value of God’s mercy.

This Easter, as we turn grateful hearts to the Lord, let’s allow Him to guide us into a lifestyle of devotion that far surpasses one day. His love will turn a holiday into a new and powerful way of life.


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