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"Through the tapping of my fingers, I have found my voice."


When Impossibility Meets Possibility

I have written many times for this blog and as a guest author on other sites, encouraging others and myself on the importance of hanging in there & worshiping beyond our circumstances. But yesterday I realized how few write about the experience of dreams coming to pass. To keep writing about how things will get better and failing to write about how incredible it is once the breakthrough actually comes, sounds as though we are beating a dead horse ...always hoping but never realizing our dreams coming true. It's essential that we celebrate and shout our victories even louder and longer than we have bemoaned our struggles.

Today I want to tell you that it is quite sweet on this side of the breakthrough! Years ago I led an amazing dance team in FL and felt so fulfilled and blessed to be doing what I loved. Then I gave it up to serve for many years on the mission-field. For all of the years that I was on the field, I taught ballet here and there, but longed for the day when I could truly dance not only what was in my heart, but to be a part of a team who shared my passion. Every time I tried to do anything with dance as a ministry, it fell flat. With each passing year came the realization that I was getting older and more out of shape. My dream of ministering with dance felt like it was dying. Right before we left the mission-field, I once again laid my dreams on the altar and thought my only outlet to worship the Lord in dance would be in the privacy of my home.

Then we moved to Redding and joined Bethel Church. Immediately, I was surrounded by passionate lovers of God who shared the same heart for dance and worship. I wanted to scream, "Please let me dance with you! In the hall, at a house, just let's get together and dance!" But the one thing I have come to appreciate about our church is that no one is promoted based on talent, ordination papers, or the famous people you have ministered with. Here, it is all about relationship. And relationship is one of the beautiful things we encounter in the ministries we join.

The fulfillment I have found isn't only because I get to dance - though that feels AMAZING - it's because I have found a group of people who love what I love, care enough to be real, and are crazy in love with Jesus! It is actually easy to say they are family - after all, that's Christian lingo for lots of people - but I am happy to say they are my friends.

I understand quite abundantly how blessed I am to have come full-circle. There is definitely more that I believe will come to pass, both with dancing and writing, but it is finally here. It is actually happening. After years of holding tight to the hem of His garment, worshiping and praising the Lord for what felt like a disappearing dream, fighting disillusionment & discouragement, that He some how, maybe, just maybe had forgotten, God has once again proved His faithfulness. I never expected that my dreams would begin again in my 40's when I was in the worst dance shape ever, but God is more concerned with my heart than the height of my leg or how many pirouettes I can do! I understand where Bethel gets their model of relationship over titles. They get it from Him. And I have come to value that as well.

So today as I publicly shout, "God is faithful! I've never been happier!" I want to cheer you on as well. He was all I had for many years. I had no local friends (besides my amazing family), no outlet to dance, and my dreams felt like a cruel mirage, but I had Him. He became my Best-Friend more than He ever had been. I learned to trust Him more than I thought I could and I worshiped more honestly and deeply than imaginable. The times of disillusionment don't last forever. I am one who can very humbly and joyfully attest to this truth.

Thank you God and thank you Bethel Leaders for a not only a place I am free to use my gift, but for place I now call home.


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